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How to buy our pork

Get your share of our amazing pasture-raised free range pork

The Quarter Share Pork Pack

We want as many customers as possible to be able to put our quality free range pork on their forks at an affordable price. The best way for us to achieve this is by offering quarter shares in a whole pig. 

​Benefits of buying shares in a whole pig:

  • The whole pig is sold before leaving the farm, which means no waste
  • Butchering the pig at a butcher shop in your area not only reduces our processing and transport costs (which means significant savings for you) it also means we’re supporting your local butcher!
  • You get to connect with (and support) a local Aussie farmer

1 Quarter Share Pork Pack = approx 10 kg* of fresh Yanjala Free Range Pork

We have two packs for you to choose from:

The ‘Everyday Entertainer’ pack: ideal for the home cook that loves to entertain family and friends around the dinner table. This share is made up of all your classic pork cuts, including boneless roasting joints, loin steaks and belly strips.

The ‘Smoke-n-Grill Master’ pack: carefully curated with the outdoor chef in mind. This selection includes low and slow joints, ribs, chops and a belly slab.

* pack weights can vary as we are not producing our pork using intensive methods – our litters are of varying sizes and we don’t use chemicals to push them along.

How it works...

  1. Choose your collection point and order your quarter share
  2. We will send your pig off farm when all shares have been sold (collection dates may change if the pig has not yet been sold)
  3. Once processed, the whole pig is delivered to the butcher to be boned and divided up between share holders
  4. You collect your delicious pork share from the butcher and enjoy!​​

We still offer whole pigs for those who really like to fill their freezer!

We now have SPIT PIGS! Get in early to reserve your spit pig - we need a few weeks notice to get things organised.

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